Metal Forming Machine

Application description

Steel industry is one of main industrial segment where Motovario gearboxes are used. One of the applications is the metal working machine and in particular the forming (or folding) machine for bars or metal sheets, whose are used in many fields of application as industrial and civil constructions, roads and industrial machines. 

The metal forming processes are mainly of three types such as free forming, mold forming and roll forming.

in this field it is possible to discern between lines for the metal sheets and lines for metal bars: regardless of the type, a line of metal forming is composed by a loading group (1-2-3), which sometimes could include a leveler machine (2), forming rolls (5), unloading benches and control panel (7).

Based on the project complexity, the line can include also other mechanical processes before or after the rolls group, such as punching (4) or cutting (6).

Scheme of metal sheet forming rolls line

The forming line is composed by a basement on which there are the guides for the rolls group and for the bars.

The rolls group, appropriately shaped, moves transversely to the bars thanks to the use of geared motors as driving system. 
The helical bevel geared motors must ensure high performances with variable speeds and high torque peaks. The position of the gearboxes, internal or external to the metal forming line, depends on the manufacturer of the system.

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Motovario solution:

Motovario offers helical bevel geared motors (B Series) to move the deformer rolls used in metal forming line; these products guarantee an excellent price/performances ratio and a low cost for the installation.

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Thanks to the following technical/commercial advantages, Motovario has became the new partner for these applications, replacing the previous supplier of the drive for the deformer rolls:

  • Wide range of sizes and versions
  • Products design
  • High performances and efficiency
  • High service factor
  • Minimum clearance between the gears, ensuring a longer life to the reducer
  • Lower price than competitors
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